CyanoMark Portable CyanoMark Portable CyanoMark Portable is a very versatile laser marking system equipped with a distance fixture for focusing and a button for manual triggering. This version of laser marker allows the user to mark where it is not usually possible due to the size of the marked part. It can also be used in a fixed position with the aid of the detachable lift which helps obtain a good focus. See details See gallery 1 / 4 CyanoMark Mini CyanoMark Mini CyanoMark Mini is a very light laser marking systems with offer marking and engraving abilities in small workshops or when the marking needs to be done at varying location. See details See gallery 2 / 4 CyanoClean CyanoClean The CyanoClean laser cleaning machine is a metallic surface cleaner with no chemicals, powders or water, cleaning only the rust without affecting the cleaned surface. We can easily say it is probably the easiest way to clean rust and residue from various surfaces. See details See gallery 3 / 4 CyanoClean Pack CyanoClean Pack CyanoClean Pack is a laser cleaning system as portable as it gets in order to clean rust easily and quickly wherever it is needed. It has a control panel where you set the cleaning parameters and a gun which triggers and leads the laser beam to start cleaning. It is also a good system for local administrations which want to tend to statues, buildings or bridges etc. See details See gallery 4 / 4 Next Previous / Cyanotech 2D Laser Markers, 3D Laser Markers, Laser Cleaning, Laser Welding

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In the latest years laser technology is more and more used in productions of various industries. Laser marking became an agreed method of inscription of products due to the efficiency of the process and lack of consumables or maintenance needed. Laser marking is a marking which can withstand the test of time, being permanent and durable. Laser cleaning is probably the easiest way to clean rust and oily residue from various parts and surfaces. Laser welding is becoming more and more popular due to the superior speed and ease of use it displays.

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